Our network is your network

At Partner Partners, we partner with a network of experts. If we can’t help, we know someone who can. That’s what drives us – we take the success of our clients personally.

Partners through daily life

Accountants all say they are different. It seems that saying you are different, now infers that you are no different. We do some of the same things that other accountants do like accounts and tax, but our point of difference is how we partner with our clients. We are part of our client’s lives, not just a yearly transaction. We do some other things differently too – like walking the talk, tying our remuneration to clients success if they choose or like contributing 10% of our income to Kiva, an international not-for-profit crowdfunding loan organisation, supporting business throughout the world who would otherwise not be able to be in business.

Meet Mark

Hi, I’m Mark – founder of Partner Partners. I started Partner Partners on the premise of working with clients, not for clients. Building relationships and really getting to know clients is something that I genuinely enjoy – alongside my other interests of course, like cheering on my footy team on the weekend (though work takes pride of place at the moment because I support the Wests Tigers).

I have 13 years’ experience as an accountant and over this time, I have developed a wealth of knowledge. I’ve encountered all sorts of issues from good and bad business practices, new trends, difficult tax problems, and once was even able to get through to the ATO with only being on hold for 4 minutes!

I am a Chartered Accountant and registered tax agent (a useful skill to have in the family which is called upon whenever my wife is having trouble sleeping).

Outside of work, I did the gap year thing and have well and truly moved on to the next phase of my life – sleep deprivation (also known as raising a young family!). My wife and I have 2 young daughters and a spoilt dog, all of which haven’t yet mastered a spreadsheet but in a sign of persistence, will all probably get calculators for their birthdays this year.

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